• About us

    Mestro develops and provides cloud-based energy monitoring. Our aim is to help our clients spend less energy.

    We do this in three ways:
    - by listening harder and customizing more deeply
    - by our hands-on approach in setting up energy monitoring systems
    - by making data accessible, actionable and, above all, engaging

    Board and investors

    Sven Olof Kulldorff – Chair and Investor. Sven Olof has previously been Global Purchasing Manager for IKEA Group and Vice President of the ICA Group. Today he is a professional board member, investor and adviser in a "dozen" companies. Among others Chairman of Bulten, Pierce and Mestro and board member of Nille, Tokmanni and COOP Sweden.

    Anders Palmgren – Investor and Board. Anders has long experience in real estate and is now Senior Director at Genesta.

    Magnus Khysing – Mr. Khysing is co-owner and board member at Mestro. Mr. Khysing is currently Business Unit Head of Nordic & Baltic region at SAP and previous positions include management positions at SAS Institute, Cisco and Siemens.

    Magnus Astner – Mr. Astner is one of the co-founders of Mestro and currently operates as Systems Architect in the Development team. Before founding Mestro, Mr. Astner was employed at Intentia R&D AB (later acquired by Lawson Software and Infor) as a Systems Engineer. Mr. Astner has advanced studies in Computer Sience on a Masters level at Linköping Institute of Technology.

    Johan Bäcke – Mr. Bäcke is Partner at RP Ventures and joined Mestro in 2007. He is member of the board and also active in operations, business development. Mr. Bäcke has been a VC investor (investments include e.g. Byredo, Rolling Optics and ÅAC Microtec) for more than 15 years and has experience from several start-ups. Previous positions include management positions and Mr. Bäcke has also worked for the Swedish Trade Council, based in the US.

    Thomas Bergmark – Investor and Board. Thomas has 22 years of experience from IKEA, where he was Global Sustainability Manager until 2010.

    Stefan Ström – Investor and Board. Stefan is a former CEO of Oracle Nordic. Today he is an Advisor and Investor.

  • History

    The initial spark of Mestro began when three childhood friends decided to start an energy consulting firm together.

    At the time the friends worked as energy consultants and system developers, and had for a while been discussing the possibility to start a business together. They decide that the time is right to apply their specialities in practice, and together they develop a web-based platform that enables visualization of large amounts of energy data.

    Around the same time the skii resort company Skistar decides that they need to find a platform to visualize the amount of energy consumed in their skii lifts and snow cannons. Skistar was introduced to Mestro and became the company’s first customer. The deal gave the friends a receipt that they were on the right track, and they decided to invest their full attention and time in developing the company.

    2007, the investment company RP Ventures decides to invest both competence and financial resources in Mestro. The owners of RP Ventures have a lot of experience in running different companies in early stages, and has over the years built up an extensive network of contacts. Their engagement in Mestro becomes an eye opener for other types of companies who were in need of Mestro’s services.

    Today, Mestro's web-based platform measures all types of energy. We have been able to help some customers reduce energy consumption and costs by as much as 30 percent. Mestro has a natural propulsion to constantly develop and give a greater value to our customers. We know that every consumer and individual is unique, and provide an expanded service that is not only tailored to the different user groups in companies, but also contains a variety of visualization tools like apps, screens and energy reports. By applying this work procedure, we make sure to build a solid foundation with a variety of tools for engagement processes and ownership.

  • 30%

    We've helped clients reduce energy consumption by over 30%.

  • 7m

    Our analytics engine collects over 7 million energy readings every day.

  • 100m

    Between 2012 and 2016, 100 million smart meters will be installed across the EU.